If you’re reading this, it’s because you have discovered Canada’s’s Best-Kept Secrets, or you’ve been nominated as one of Canada’s Best-Kept Secrets!

This is a very elite group being selected and identified as part of what makes our city great.

Recognition is Free

Recognition is free, and there is no mandatory investment. We have also identified a number of effective, collaborative marketing strategies to elevate the profile of your award-winning business. You have qualified to participate at a higher level in this city wide collective campaign.

Congratulations again on your nomination as one of Canada’s Best-Kept Secrets!


A Secret Inspires Curiosity …

Curiosity inspires a need to know . . .

Canada’s Best-Kept is mandated to identify all of Edmonton’s Best-Kept Secrets. We have created a single portal that allows you, the public to discover your Best-Kept Secrets. You are what makes our community so great!

Through collaboration with the public, we identify noteworthy nominations.

Nominations are recognition of a company’s path toward excellence.

We draw out the public’s collective opinion to isolate by consensus which nominations receive the ultimate honor, becoming one of Canada’s Best-Kept Secrets.


What Happens After Your Nomination …

Greater exposure for your company elevates your profile with the public and the Social Media network. Our campaigns are designed to drive the public to your door.

Our programs are designed to create a “BUZZ” through word-of-mouth.

We articulate your Best-Kept Secrets by utilizing many of traditional as well as digital avenues to elevate your brand as one of Canada’s Best Kept Secrets. Depending on the level of engagement selected by you, your business will be permanently profiled on our website as well as our Facebook Page. We may also mention you on our Twitter feed, or help you to be found on other engaging places such as Google Earth ads, YouTube advertising, Google Places etc. We may also suggest other marketing means such as magnets, flyers, post cards, email marketing lists, blog posts, etc.

As each of our nominee’s businesses are unique, so is our marketing approach to them. No two campaigns are ever the same and we will identify what works best for you and your business to create a “BUZZ of being awarded the well-earned distinction of being one of Canada’s Best-Kept Secrets.

We congratulate you on your nomination!


In-depth interview to discover your Best-Kept Secrets …
  • Research and examination session with our deliberation panel
  • Uncover and articulate all the reasons why your company can legitimately be called one of Canada’s Best-Kept Secrets
  • An invitation will be extended to feature your Best-Kept Secrets brand profile on our website and across our managed social media platform accounts (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Optional participation in additional promotional campaigns (print, media etc.) that we will develop in conjunction with you, to elevate and uncover your brand or business as one of Canada’s Best Kept Secrets.


You earned the right to be called the Canada’s Best-Kept Secret …

All Award-Winning Member Companies will have their showcase profile elevated under Awards Recognition.

Your corporate profile will include:

  • Logo
  • Business location
  • Links to other promotional profile throughout the Campaign

Further invitations to market your Award-Winning Profile will be accommodated in areas including:

  • Trivia insights about your Best-Kept Secrets – they become a catalyst to creating a Word-Of-Mouth Campaign about your prestige and distinctions. A secret inspires Curiosity. Curiosity inspires a need to know . . .
  • Virtual reality tour
  • Video updates
  • Photographic pictorials
  • Commercial graphic animation


Revealing Your Best-Kept Secrets …

During the qualifying interview process, BKS will uncover what makes your company noteworthy and distinctive.

Your Best-Kept Secrets will be presented in the form of trivia questions integrated throughout various marketing platforms.

Why Trivia Questions?

This newly acquired knowledge in the form of trivia insights becomes a source of enlightenment promoting the facts about your corporate history.

The Trivia Questions will be profiled throughout the campaign as skill testing Questions where the correct answers will award incentives and discounts to consumers. The answers to the trivia questions about your company are YOUR BEST-KEPT SECRETS.

These trivia insights about your Best-Kept Secrets become the catalyst to a Word-Of-Mouth Campaign about your prestige and distinctions.


Award-Winning New Business / New Location …

With the exploding growth of new businesses combined with the exploding growth of the population, there is no convenient identifying source to locate new businesses and new expanding business locations in Canada.

It is out of this necessity that we promote New Start-Up Businesses and New Location Openings for the awareness and convenience of the consumer public, and in so doing, we are identifying the Award-Winning Distinction that justifiably has been given to the pioneering spirit associated with the growth of our country.


This could be you …


Acknowledge a local business as one of Edmonton’s Best-Kept Secrets ….
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Your feedback is valuable. We want to hear from you …


Canada’s Best-Kept is mandated to identify all of Canada’s Best-Kept Secrets and create a single portal that allows the public to discover the Best-Kept Secrets that make our community so great.